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With each order of Futures, Option, Index, IndicatorForex, or Equity data, we include our data management software, TickWrite®.  TickWrite® enables users to create ASCII files custom-tailored to their needs.  TickWrite® is available for Windows© or Linux©.

With TickWrite®, users can customize their data output files by specifying:

  • Symbol(s)
  • Date range
  • Bar interval (tick-by-tick, x-ticks per bar, y-seconds per bar, z-minutes per bar, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Pre-market and after-hours data for equities
  • Custom start and end times for session
  • Skip or fill empty intervals
  • Treatment of odd last interval of the day
  • Price multiplier
  • Time zone
  • Fields to include in output files
  • Filter by custom parameters for specific fields
  • Date and time formats
  • Output file format (ASCII or compressed ASCII)
  • Additional selections for Futures data: generate continuous contracts (including how/when to roll and whether to adjust contracts for rollover gaps), write out all contracts in a date range, write out one specific contract, day and/or night sessions, pit and/or electronic trading.











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