Store raw data locally in your infrastructure OR access hosted data programmatically as you need it via API

Tick Data offers several solutions for storing and accessing your data. Which solution is best for you depends on how much data storage infrastructure you have in-house. So you have two questions to ask yourself:

[numbered_title number=”1″ text=”Where would you like your data stored?”]


Tick Data hosts the data

If you do not have the infrastructure, staff and/or desire to host and maintain all the raw tick-by-tick data yourself, we can do it for you. Tick Data can host all of the raw data, and give you access (via TickWrite GUI or TickAPI) to our data. So request just the data you want, when you want it.

You store the data

If your organization already has a robust data storage infrastructure, and you prefer to store all of the raw tick-by-tick data yourself, you can. Tick Data will deliver the data to you via download or external hard drive. You can then access the comma-delimited text files directly, or load the data into your database.


[numbered_title number=”2″ text=”How would you like to access the data?”]


If Tick Data hosts the data…

TickWrite Web®
Our browser-based data management tool enables you to build custom time series and download the resulting data in a delimited text file. Learn more about TickWrite Web

Programmatically request data in as-traded format OR as a time series and download the resulting data in a delimited text file.
Learn more about TickAPI

If you store the data…

Install TickWrite® for Windows® or Linux® on your computer / server and build custom time series in delimited text files from the as-traded data stored in your infrastructure. Learn more about TickWrite

Database or Flat Text Files
If you already have a database or analysis software to build time series, we can provide you with the raw as-traded data files and corresponding Company Information & Ticker Mapping® (CITM) in comma-delimited text files either via download, or on external hard drives.

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