With global coverage of stocks, futures, options, forex, cash indices, and market indicators, we are a “one-stop-shop” for your historical data needs

Tick Data provides historical intraday data for several asset types:


Trade and quote data with Ticker Mapping® and corporate actions for all listed equities from:

  • United States (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, and all other Consolidated Tape Association – CTA participants) from Jan-1-1993.
  • Toronto Stock Exchange from Jan-1-2001.
  • London Stock Exchange from Jan-1-2000.
  • Deutsche Boerse (Xetra) from Jan-1-2003.
  • Borsa Italiana from Jan-1-2004.
  • Euronext (Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon & Paris) from Apr-1-2002.
  • Bolsa de Madrid from Dec-1-2004.
  • Japan (JPX (TSE & Osaka), Fukuoka Stock Exchange, Sapporo Stock Exchange and Hercules Market) from Oct-1-2008.
  • Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) from May-7-2008.
  • Hong Kong (HKEx) from May-13-2008.
  • Korea Exchange (KRX) from May-7-2008.
  • Brazil (BM&F BOVESPA) from May-7-2008.
  • Mexico (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores – BMV) from May-7-2008.

See Equities


Trade and quote data for 150+ futures symbols from exchanges in the USA, South America, Europe, and Asia as far back as 1974. See Futures


Trade and quote data with Ticker Mapping® and corporate actions for all equity and index options reported by the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) from Jul-2-2004. See Options


Quote data for 2,000+ currency pairs from May-7-2008. See Forex

Cash Indices

Data for 60+ cash indices as far back as 1983. See Cash Indices

Market Indicators

Data for 16 market indicators from Jul-1-2003. See Market Indicators

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