Oslo Børs Equities

  • Tick Data’s historical intraday Oslo Børs equity data includes:
  • Data for all equities listed on the Oslo Børs since Nov-9-2012
  • Tick-by-tick level 1 quotes (bid & ask price with size)
  • Tick-by-tick trades (last price with volume)
  • Minute trades (open, high, low, close & volume for each min interval)
  • Time stamped to the millisecond (HH:MM:SS.000)
  • Includes corporate actions (splits, dividends) and Ticker Mapping® (symbol changes, mergers, delistings, etc.)
  • Store raw ticks locally in your infrastructure OR we can host them for you in the cloud
  • Order data for all symbols or specific symbols & dates
  • Data delivered in delimited text files for easy integration (e.g. R, MATLAB®, MongoDB®, Kdb+, etc.)
  • Build custom time series via TickWrite® GUI or TickAPI®
  • Updates available to keep your data current

Source of Oslo Børs Equities Data

We build our Hong Kong equity data set via a triple-redundant data collection & archival process whereby a direct exchange data feed from the Oslo Børs is collected into three (3) geographical diverse data centers, over three separate lines. The resulting archives are then compared to ensure the most complete, accurate archive possible.
Choices of Granularity

We offer several choices of data granularities so that you may order the exact data you need for your research, and keep the cost of your data down. Choose from:

Tick-by-Tick Level 1 Quotes & Trades
Tick-by-Tick Trades Only
One-Minute Trades Only

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