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Tick Data Announces Release of Japanese Historical Intraday Equity Data Offering

Historical ‘Tick Equity Database’ now includes equity data from exchanges in Asia

WASHINGTON, DC (June 10, 2008) – Tick Data (www.tickdata.com), the market data division of Nexa Technologies, Inc. (www.nexatech.com), a subsidiary of Penson Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: PNSN – News), today announced the addition of Japanese Tick Equity Data to its offering of historical intraday market data. The new Japanese Tick Equity Database includes trade and quote data for equities traded on Japan’s six major stock exchanges back to January 2003. Data will be sourced from Nikkei America, Inc., and will cover equities listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Stock Exchange, Nagoya Stock Exchange, Fukuoka Stock Exchange, Sapporo Stock Exchange and Hercules Market. With more than 20 years of experience collecting, validating, cleaning, and providing historical trade and quote market data, Tick Data is considered a pioneer and leader in the field.

As technological advances and regulatory changes have opened new markets to foreign investment and cross-border trading, interest in Asian markets has increased significantly. Much of this demand comes from algorithmic and automated traders who require historical market data to develop, test, and optimize their models. These traders look to Tick Data to provide research-ready data for their analysis, and Tick Data continues to seek out markets of interest to the world’s automated traders. While this is the first Asian market offered by Tick Data, the firm expects to expand its coverage further into this region in the near future.

“With interest in Asian markets on the rise, and little commercially-available history data for these markets, we are happy to pioneer such a database,” said Neal Falkenberry, SVP of Nexa’s Tick Data division. “It is our goal to assist all traders, including cross-border traders looking for data in foreign markets, to overcome the challenges related to acquiring historical market data. This database, which complements our Pan-European data series, is an important step towards achieving that goal.”

As with all of Tick Data’s equity-based products, the Japanese Tick Equity Database is fully supported with corporate action information, and is cleaned, validated, and mapped using Tick Data’s proprietary method, with updates available on an ongoing basis.

About Nexa Technologies: www.nexatech.com

Nexa Technologies, Inc. is a provider of online and direct access trading solutions. Founded in 1999, Nexa Technologies is an independent subsidiary of Penson Worldwide, Inc. Its comprehensive product set incorporates multi-asset direct access trading systems, FIX-compliant order routing, an Order Management System (OMS), comprehensive data and market access to European & North American equity, options and derivatives exchanges and ECNs.

Nexa Technologies added historical intraday time series data into its product range in January 2005 when Penson Worldwide acquired Tick Data, LLC The Tick Data division, which provides clean, reliable historical intraday time series data for the equities and futures markets, employs proprietary compression algorithms, price-filtering techniques, and ticker symbol mapping processes to produce complete, research-ready historical data. From efficient data collection and distribution to seamless integration with third-party analytical software, the Tick Data division removes the frustration from building and maintaining historical databases.

About Penson Worldwide: www.penson.com

The Penson Worldwide group of companies provides execution, clearing, custody, settlement and technology infrastructure products and services to financial services firms and others servicing the global financial services industry. The Penson Worldwide group of companies includes Penson Financial Services, Inc., Penson Financial Services Canada Inc., Penson Financial Services Ltd., Nexa Technologies, Inc., Penson GHCO, First Capitol Group, LLC and Penson Asia Limited, among other companies. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Penson has served the clearing needs of the global financial services industry since 1995. Penson is the Flexible Choice in Global Financial Services.


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