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Tick Data Implements AWS S3 Data Delivery

WASHINGTON, Mar 4, 2016 — Tick Data, Inc. (www.tickdata.com), the first commercial provider of historical intraday time series market data, is pleased to announce a convenient new data delivery option completely within Amazon Web Services (AWS). Tick Data can now deliver data directly to client S3 buckets without egress from AWS. This time and money saving delivery option will be very beneficial to Tick Data clients performing analysis, optimization, computations, and development within AWS.

Connections made within AWS are significantly faster than downloading via FTP or TickWrite, allowing data to be delivered closer to availability times. In addition, the system Tick Data developed synchronizes the firm’s S3 buckets containing data with the client’s, resulting in data transferring as soon as it is published. This eliminates the need to schedule transfers, and ensures data will be received as early as possible. Once received, the data can be used in its current form or processed into time series files by TickWrite 7.

S3 Data Delivery is only available for complete datasets, not symbol subsets. Please contact support@tickdata.com for more information.

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