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In November 2015, Tick Data, LLC was acquired by OneMarket Data, LLC, the founders of OneTick®, one of the financial industry’s leading analytical database platforms. Until that time, Tick Data had nothing to offer clients to assist them in storing and analyzing the data we provide.

Together with OneTick®, we are now able to offer an end-to-end solution that delivers our data to clients in a fully-integrated data and analytics platform. It is the most comprehensive data and analytics solution on the market.

Introducing OneTick® – the ideal database for Tick Data

OneTick® is a highly-scalable, in-memory database and event-driven time series engine that is optimized for the capture, storage and analysis of financial data. OneTick® was built to specifically handle unlimited amounts of high-resolution, time-stamped content such as Tick Data’s historical intraday datasets. It can also marry historical data with low-latency streaming data in real-time. With pre-defined constructs to support financial market-specific concepts, including order types, executions, reference data, and corporate actions, OneTick® is the ideal database platform for storing Tick Data’s historical intraday data.

Powerful Solutions

On top of this powerful database, OneMarketData has created a suite of solutions that help financial market participants solve the challenges they face today; the same problems our clients tell us they face:

  • Quantitative Research tools to analyze market microstructures and uncover hidden correlations
  • Event-driven Complex Event Processing (CEP) for Algo Traders
  • Backtesting Strategy Software to model market impact and optimize trading strategies
  • Market Surveillance tools for executing brokers and market makers to examine order flow and limit exposure to abusive trading practices
  • Transaction Cost Analysis tools that provide custom-tailored views of overall trading performance
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing for efficient data storage and access across a large organization

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