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TickWrite 7

For users who work with large quantities of data at a time or create numerous time series files, TickWrite® 7 is the preferred choice. Available for Windows or Linux, TickWrite® 7 is installed on your local or Cloud infrastructure along with its source, or Deep History files. Deep History files are zipped ASCII files each containing a single symbol for a single day (one stock, one futures contract month, one component of an option chain, etc.).

All versions of TickWrite® read these files, but with TickWrite® 7, the files are stored in your local or Cloud infrastructure. This allows for faster creation of custom-formatted time series files, but will also require additional storage for the Deep History data compared to the other versions of TickWrite®."

TickWrite® 7 also has a Scheduler function that allows it to run as a service in the background and automatically download updates (subscription required). This makes TickWrite® 7 a popular choice for clients who subscribe to our Daily Update service.

Available for Windows® or Linux®

Runs on a workstation, server, or in the Cloud (i.e. on an EC2 instance in AWS)

For larger orders, can connect directly to Tick Data’s Deep History in S3 data via TickGateway

Intuitive GUI and command line interfaces for maximum ease-of-use and versatility

Convert as-traded source data into mapped time series files

Write out equity data un-adjusted or adjust for corporate actions (splits, dividends, spinoffs)

Construct bar intervals (e.g. x-tick, x-second, or x-minute bars)

Generate continuous futures contracts and adjust for rollover gaps

Filter output based on specific criteria

Custom-format output files (i.e. dates, times, time zones, delimiters, etc.)

Automate the download of Data Updates (subscription required)

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