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Cost Analysis (TCA)

Tick Data

Performing Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) becomes problematic when a company changes symbols between the time of the trade and the time the analysis is performed. If your OMS is trying to reconcile current symbology information with stored execution information, you will have mismatches requiring manual intervention.

Tick Data takes the headaches out of TCA by offering access to our symbol map (the CITM dataset) programmatically via TickAPI. If you are an end-user, your OMS can make programmatic requests for company identifier information and always have the correct ticker symbol. Give us a symbol and the date on which the trade occurred, and we will return the current symbol and the data required to perform the analysis. If you are a TCA solution provider, we can remove the burden of managing historical datasets by providing your clients with the quality reference data they need to use your products.

For more information on how Tick Data can better automate TCA, please see our TCA Product Overview.



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