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Not all clients require the time series building capabilities of TickWrite when using historical data. For them, we have a growing suite of data delivery options that provide just the Deep History data files.

For equity markets, these are ‘as-traded’ files, named by the symbol under which each company traded on a given day. For futures and options data, these files each contain one day of trading in a single contract. For cash index and forex data, these files simply contain one day of activity.

Clients can download Deep History data using these methods:

TickMarket and TickSymbol API request

Make programmatic access to Tick Data’s as-traded Deep History data files by day via API calls

Access as-traded data you have licensed from Tick Data programmatically, directly from your models, without human intervention.

Download a complete market or a symbol subset by day with the convenience of FTP and the flexibility and automation of an API.

No software installation or FTP client required.

The API allows calls from virtually any programming language (Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc).

S3-to-S3 Sync

For clients in AWS, access data directly from our S3 buckets.

Extremely fast transfer rates within AWS.

Tick Data’s infrastructure is located in US-East-1.

Use AWS CLI or similar software to perform sync.

Can be set up to run automatically at times of day when updates are available.

S3 Download

Use AWS CLI or similar software to sync a location outside of AWS cloud.

Can be set up to run automatically at times of day when updates are available.

Very fast download speeds.

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