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Data Updates

You can keep your historical data sets current by subscribing to our Data Update service. Our Data Update Subscription offers you the ability to download the day’s trading activity overnight.

Here is an overview of how and when updates are usually provided:

NOTE: These Download Availability times represent the earliest times at which updates are made available. Since the data is provided to us by exchanges and other institutions over which we have no control, we cannot guarantee availability times.

Data Set Download Availability (New York Time)
Futures India – Singapore – Hong Kong: 9:00pm
Rest of Asia: 12:00 PM
Italy & Spain: 8:00 PM
Germany: 7:30 PM
Rest of Europe: 9:00 PM
Americas: 12:00 AM
Cash Index 11:00 PM
Market Indicator 6:00 PM
Equity – USA 10:00 PM
Equity – Toronto 9:00 PM
Equity – London 5:00 PM
Equity – Germany 1:00 AM
Equity – Italy 8:00 PM
Equity – Euronext 8:00 PM
Equity – Madrid 5:00 PM
Equity – Brazil 11:00 PM
Equity – Mexico 8:00 PM
Equity – Japan 8:00 AM
Equity – Hong Kong 7:00 AM
Equity – Australia 7:00 AM
Equity – Korea 8:00 AM
Equity – NASDAQ OMX Nordic 8:00 PM
Equity – Norway 2:00 PM
Equity – Switzerland 7:00 PM
Equity – Pan-Europe MTF 6:00 PM
Options – OPRA T+1 for one-minute and trade data, Monthly for quote data*
Forex 9:00 PM

*All Options quote data sets are updated via external hard disk drives on a monthly basis.

Updates include the latest metafiles, used by TickWrite® to keep Ticker Mapping® information, corporate actions, and contract specifications current. Corporate action files are provided on a start of next trading day basis. For example, stock splits, cash dividends, and symbol changes with an effective date of Apr-18-2010 will be reported in the corporate actions files delivered with the data update for Apr-17-2010.

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