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TickAPI® allows users to programmatically request data with all of the formatting and time series building features of TickWrite®.

Make on-demand data requests to our hosted data and software in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and be billed automatically for usage at the end of each month (minimum monthly charge and term required).

Fully-featured API accepts programmatic data requests to hosted TickWrite®

Web Service - Harness the mapping and time series building power of TickWrite via web service

Download data anytime, anywhere - Only download the data you need, when you need it

Tick Data Compatible - Supports all of Tick Data’s equity, futures, forex, cash index, and market indicator datasets

Receive custom-formatted data in a stream or download files

Installation Free - No software installation required

RESTful architecture

Data is licensed under ‘leased’ data model; active subscription required for data use

Request data from virtually any programming language or analytics platform (OneTick®, Python, Java®, .NET, C++, PHP, R, MATLAB®, MongoDB®, Python, etc.)

One-year subscription term, pay monthly for data requests (subject to minimum and annual Delivery Support Fee)


TickAPI® allows two types of requests:



Allow users to stream custom-formatted time series data for a single symbol back to the screen or directly into models or analytics.



Allow users to request time series data for multiple symbols or files. The resulting price and/or corporate actions files are made available for download via emailed link.

TickAPI /stream® and TickAPI /download®

TickAPI /stream® and TickAPI /download® offer all of the features of our TickWrite® Data Management Software via API calls in a hosted data solution:

Access TickWrite® time series data programmatically, directly from your models, without human intervention. The API offers all of the custom time series building and mapping features of TickWrite®.

Save storage space by only downloading the data you need, when you need it. With your Deep History data hosted on our servers, you can be confident you are backed-up and always accessing the cleanest, most robust data available.

Requests made via TickAPI® are returned in a stream or via download. Use it and save or delete it.

The API allows calls from virtually any programming language (Java, .NET,  C++, PHP, R, Python, etc).

No software installation required.

TickAPI® Pricing

Access to TickAPI requires a one-year minimum commitment and a minimum monthly charge of $250.

Pricing is calculated monthly by multiplying the number of unique months requested (“Symbol Months”) by the fee per Symbol Month in each tier (shown below) up to the total, plus a $.03 per request fee (annual $250 Delivery Support Fee and sales tax additional). If the total spend in a billing cycle is less than the $250 minimum, the account is charged the minimum.

For example, if a user makes one request for 3 years of data on 20 equities (3*20*12=720 Symbol Months), they will pay $2.33 * 600 Symbol Months + $2.00 * 120 Symbol Months = $1,638 plus a single $.03 request fee = $1,638.03 (plus applicable sales tax). If the user makes any additional TickAPI calls for symbols and dates they already requested during the same billing period, they are not charged again for the data; only $.03 per request. Flat-rate pricing is also available.

Fee Schedule

Global Equity Data

Tier Unique Symbol Months Fee per Symbol Month
1 1 – 600 $2.33
2 601 – 1,200 $2.00
3 1,201 – 3,000 $1.33
4 3,001 – 6,000 $1.00
5 6,001 – 12,000 $0.67
6 12,001 – 30,000 $0.53
7 30,001 – 60,000 $0.47
8 60,001 – 120,000 $0.29
9 120,001 – 300,000 $0.23
10 300,001 – 600,000 $0.20

Fee Schedule

Global Futures, Index, and FX Data

 Tier Unique Symbol Months Fee per Symbol Month
1 1 – 60 $2.00
2 61 – 180 $0.70
3 181 – 360 $0.48
4 361 – 720 $0.44
5 721 – 1,080 $0.42
6 1,081 – 1,800 $0.38
7 1,801 – 2,880 $0.34
8 2,881 – 3,960 $0.32
9 3,961 – 5,040 $0.28
10 5,041 – 6,120 $0.26

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