About Tick Data

About Tick Data

For over 30 years, the world’s largest investment banks, asset managers, proprietary traders and universities have relied upon our historical intraday stock, futures, options and forex data to back-test trading strategies, develop risk & execution models, perform post-trade analysis, and conduct important academic research. Owned by its managers, Tick Data is passionately focused on data quality. And with data as far back as 1974, our offering is one of the largest of its kind.


Neal Falkenberry is President of Tick Data. Mr. Falkenberry acquired Tick Data in June of 1999, sold it to Penson in 2005, and is now part-owner again as a result of a management buyback in 2013. Tick Data collects, cleans, and archives high frequency trade and quote data from the world’s financial exchanges and licenses that data to hedge funds, banks, and mutual funds building trading systems, order routing algorithms, or performing various compliance and regulatory functions.

In addition, Mr. Falkenberry is the Founder and Chief Investment Strategist for Autumn Wind Asset Management, Inc., an SEC-registered investment advisory firm and the General Partner of the Autumn Wind Global Multi-Strategies Fund, LLC, a hedge fund utilizing high frequency data and trading strategies. Mr. Falkenberry served as an institutional money manager from 1987-1999 for two large investment banks prior to acquiring Tick Data and starting Autumn Wind. He holds a degree in Quantitative Finance from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) charterholder.

Scott Mayster joined Tick Data in March 1999. His responsibilities include managing Tick Data’s product line, developing new products and tools, marketing, and sales. Originally hired for his extensive experience trading and working with market data, Mr. Mayster brought to the job an understanding of the needs of traders and analysts. Prior to Tick Data, he worked as a floor clerk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a futures broker, and a trading system analyst.

Mr. Mayster began trading while still a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he received a BA in Economics. Early on in his studies, he became enamored with the behaviors of market participants and their effects on the financial markets and overall economy. In 1997, he received a MS in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Bill Bryson began his Tick Data career in 2006. Prior to joining Tick Data, he worked for 10 years at a successful startup that was purchased by JP Morgan Chase. Mr. Bryson has over 20 years of Software Engineering experience, working at both startups and large, process-focused organizations. Mr. Bryson has worked on projects ranging from air traffic control modernization to criminal justice to import/export logistics to market data collection and distribution. Throughout his varied experience, Mr. Bryson has solved the myriad challenges of handling extremely large data sets with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Mr. Bryson received a BS in Psychology and Computer Science from Virginia Tech.

Dorraine Burrell joined Tick Data in 2015 with extensive sales experience in the financial services industry. She has a track record for building strong, profitable commercial relationships through her work with market leading firms in and around the financial services sector for more than 16 years.

Prior to joining Tick Data, Mrs. Burrell worked for Bloomberg. Her most recent role was Senior Relationship Manager for the Hedge Fund community. Mrs. Burrell began her career on the Equity Derivatives Trading desks of Susquehanna Investment Group. Mrs. Burrell holds a BA degree with double concentrations in Economics and History from Columbia University and an MBA in Marketing and New Product Development from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Gary Martin joined Tick Data in May of 2001. He oversees the collection, processing and archiving of Tick Data’s extensive repository of high frequency market information. Mr. Martin has 22 years experience in research and analysis, including the last 16 years specific to the financial industry. He also has been a student of the markets since September 1987 on both a personal and professional level. As Tick Data’s chief quality assurance manager, Mr. Martin has helped to build and strives to maintain the organization’s reputation as the premier provider of global historical intraday data.

Before working at Tick Data, Mr. Martin worked for five years at the Hulbert Financial Digest, now a service of CBS MarketWatch, where he had responsibility for analysis and performance verification of over 170 financial advice newsletters and their portfolio transactions. Prior to working for Mark Hulbert, Mr. Martin was public school teacher for eleven years. He received his BS and MA in Education from the University of New Mexico.

Prema Roman joined Tick Data in August 2010. Her responsibilities include building new market data products and enhancing current products, maintaining and streamlining data collection and QA processes, and managing data vendor relationships to handle data delivery and address issues. Hired for her expertise in data analysis and data quality management, she brings to Tick Data several years of experience in project management, product operations, and quality assurance.

Ms. Roman holds BS degrees in Management Information Systems and Marketing and a MS degree in Software Engineering from George Mason University.


    Technological World


    In 1984, Tick Data was founded by a futures broker and a programmer as the first company in the world to offer historical tick-by-tick prices on the futures and index markets. Despite severe limitations in computer hardware technology, they developed a collection and compression system capable of capturing and storing every tick in the major U.S. futures markets. In the mid-1990s, Tick Data was acquired by Futures Magazine Group in Chicago, IL.

    In June 1999, Thomas Neal Falkenberry, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Tick Data client, bought the company. By purchasing Tick Data, he had a data platform on which to launch his new asset management firm and hedge fund. Furthermore, he saw the potential in furnishing other institutional clients with data that meets their stringent requirements.

    In January 2005, Neal and his partner, Scott Mayster, sold Tick Data to Penson Worldwide, Inc. Penson made Tick Data a division of their technology subsidiary, Nexa Technologies, Inc., a provider of direct access trading platforms, real-time market data, and exchange connectivity. Neal and Scott, along with VP, Business Development Tom Myers, and Director of Engineering Bill Bryson continued to grow Tick Data with a team of sales, support, and development experts who specialize in market data.

    After eight successful years of growth, in May 2013, Tick Data was acquired by its long-time management team, with additional funding from the Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund.

    In 2015, Tick Data was sold to OneMarketData, LLC, makers of the industry-leading database and analytics platform, OneTick. Together, OneTick and Tick Data form a perfect marriage of analytics and data, offering Tick Data clients the same research-quality data they’ve always know with even more delivery options.

    As always, Tick Data remains committed to being the premier provider of global historical data solutions.

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