Tick Data, LLC Announces Largest Ever Expansion of Data Coverage

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New Markets Represent First Middle-Eastern Equity Data, First African Equity Data, and First Chinese Futures Data Ever Made Available by the Industry Leader

Washington, DC, June 13, 2017 – Tick Data, LLC (www.tickdata.com), the first commercial provider of historical intraday time series market data, is pleased to announce the largest expansion of its historical intraday data offering in its 33-year history. These new markets include several firsts for Tick Data:

  • The first equity data from a Middle-Eastern Market
  • The first equity data from an African Market
  • The first futures data from a Chinese Market

Tick Data has added 66 new futures contracts, including 46 contracts from three Chinese Futures exchanges, including the Dalian Futures Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange, and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. In addition, the firm has added a new contract from the Singapore Exchange and 19 contracts from CME Group exchanges.

On the equity side, the data provider has added the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Johannesburg Stock Exchange, both firsts for the Middle-East and Africa, respectively. And, they have greatly expanded their European equity data offering to include data from:

  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Wiener Börse (Vienna)
  • Prague Stock Exchange
  • Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Athens Stock Exchange
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Taipei Exchange

“Tick Data is proud to continue growing its data offering, always guided by our mission to be the world’s central repository for historical intraday market data,” said Neal Falkenberry, SVP, Tick Data. “In 2016, we announced our intent to expand our coverage into even more markets that our clients have requested, and we are happy to deliver on a significant portion of that goal.”



About Tick Data, LLC, a subsidiary of OneMarketData, LLC

For over 30 years, the world’s largest investment banks, asset managers, proprietary traders and universities have relied upon Tick Data’s research-ready historical intraday stock, futures, options and forex data to back-test trading strategies, develop risk and execution models, perform post-trade analysis, and conduct important academic research. The firm’s intense focus on providing the highest level of data quality, support, and data management tools makes Tick Data an industry leader. With data as far back as 1974, its offering is one of the largest of its kind. Tick Data was acquired by OneMarketData, LLC in November 2015. For more information, please visit www.tickdata.com.


About OneMarketData, LLC

OneMarketData provides smarter data management solutions for quantitative research, surveillance and back-testing to enable market participants to outmaneuver the competition. Through its flagship product, OneTick, a premiere event stream processing and tick data management solution, quants, analysts and traders can enhance alpha and increase performance. OneTick is an enterprise product built by Wall Street experts to address the sophisticated data analysis needs of the most discerning financial institutions. More information about OneMarketData is available at www.onetick.com.

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